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Here’s a recap so far on the first week and a half from the Chasing The Light Tour. If you haven’t seen all our photos yet from the road, make sure to follow our instagram account

Our kick off show in Ottawa was amazing, it was the perfect way to start off the tour. If you look through the instagram photos, you’ll find a picture of Vern handcuffed to a guy wearing a cowboy hat.

Vern, Merv and John did a video interview that will be in a documentary for a great cause called ‘Ride For A Dream’ (A Canadian Bike-A-Thon Seeking To End Violence Against Women) at the Hideout in Toronto right before the show on September 9. For more information on Ride For A Dream, you can check them out here:

Ok… this was just plain awesome, this guy had pink Ellen underwear and wanted us to sign them! He also ripped his shirt off in the photo booth…. Oshawa is one crazy town! You have probably noticed the guy with ‘Oshawa’ tattooed across his chest and were most likely wondering… ‘Is that even real??’ YUP! We can assure you that it’s VERY real.

We’ve met so many nice people on the road already, complete strangers offering us a place to stay, hot showers, hot breakfast, it has just been amazing. We ate tasty falafels from this restaurant called ‘The Melodia’ in Burlington. Make sure to check it out when you’re in the area. Great food and great staff!

Kitchener was by far the freakiest place we’ve had to play so far, people starting fights, breaking in windows, bashing their heads in cement walls and Vern had to call the cops.. we may or may not have pictures to prove it.

We’d like to finish this post by thanking all the bands that are supporting us on tour, all the fans (old and new) and to everyone who has helped us so far wether it be with food, a play to stay, or to let us use their shower. We are so grateful!!

THANK YOU! Keep checking our website for more updates on our adventures on tour!!

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