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Pulling from staple influences including, Metric, the Foo Fighters, and Gossip, Ottawa-based quartet Silvergun & Spleen's melodically-tinged yet muscular sound is as if indie music took a solid fist to the face.


The quartet's instinctive, provocative and undulating yet refined and wily rock 'n' roll is motivated by a determination to create enigmatic, pelvic rock conjoined with inherent melody and tongue-in-cheek slyness. Bolstering that onslaught with upbeat, electrified virulence thanks to a powerful indie dance influence, the band's latest album Semi Truck (Rage Records) displays a profound punch that belies their ephemeral existence. Moreover, it showcases unhindered exploration and a daring pairing of lush melodies with primal rhythms.


“Everyday, we experience things that change us and it's only natural that our music is affected by it,” notes vocalist/guitarist Marie-Eve “Merv” Mallet about the band's stunning albeit fetching style. “As we grow as artists, our perceptions change. With Semi Truck, we've found a way to celebrate the hard times. Good old rock 'n' roll and modern music are to blame. We'll never be rid of our rock influences but we've always had a thing for anything dance. It's time we brought the two together.”


With the dedication, perseverance and creative fortitude displayed on Semi Truck, Silvergun & Spleen  is a honed, well-oiled and fully-loaded musical transport barrelling down the rock 'n' roll blacktop. Their upcoming performance at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2015 adds to such achievements as rotation on national radio, featured dates on festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, CMW, NXNE, Indie Week and a host of development grants bestowed upon these fiery minstrels with a maniacally matchless manner.